Make things happen, Get Involved

We believe that every child, whether in an intact family or a divided one, has a right to the love, parenting and the nurture of both parents and extended families. This will not happen by itself. We need your support for protests, letter writing campaigns and public awareness.

Membership and Donations

We encourage you to get involved in helping ECMAS succeed in our goals. With your help, we can offer support and advice to families who are having a difficult time coping with divorce.

If you cannot attend meetings, please consider making a donation. Donations of money, time and other resources are gratefully accepted.


Voting Membership is $25 annually. Meetings are open for visitors.

ECMAS volunteers contribute about 770 hours to our initiatives every year.

ECMAS hosts a number of free support activities throughout the year to help individuals cope with the stress of family breakdown. These activities include weekly support meetings, court accompaniment, mentoring and special events.