Equitable Child Maintenance & Access Society

The Best Parent is BOTH PARENTS

Past Events

Father's Day Picnic 2014

The Father's Day Picnic is an annual event we host that is fun for kids and their fathers.

Iit was held at Kin Park (beside the Kinsman Sportplex on Walterdale Hill in the River Valley).

We would like to thank the following donors who provided food and materials that made the event a success.

Law Courts protest 2011

Law day 2011 at the law courts building. Would have liked to have seen more bodies, but we were able to give out some brochures and talk to some of the other agencies.

Father's Day Picnic 2009


International Children's Day 2009

This years event featured a number of speakers followed by a walk through Old Strathcona to raise awareness for children's rights to have both parents involved in their lives after divorce.

ECMAS participates in many protests to raise awareness of the plight of children and parents.

Prior to the 2006 national election, ECMAS protested at  Anne McLellan's election campaign office to express how little the Liberals have done to help children and parents.

Law Day is an annual event in which E.C.M.A.S. often participates...