Help is available

ECMAS offers advice and support to those affected by divorce. Divorce is hard on everyone one, but children do not need to be separated from their families. We strongly believe that in most cases, the best parent is Both Parents.

Check out the Canadian Equal Parenting Council for information on coping with divorce, separation and custody issues. The council has supplied a list of frequently asked questions about divorce and custody arrangements that addresses many of the issues our members deal with on a daily basis.

Alberta's Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) can be very difficult for individuals to cope with. Please read our guide How to Survive the Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Program

If you are having a tough time coping with your divorce, or know someone who is, we recommend reading Depression and Suicide After Divorce.

More and more people are driven by economics to learn about Self-Representation - and almost half of Divorce/Family Court actions are done this way. This website was established by a Law Prof who has been studying this challenge.

Here are two other useful resources:

  1. A Parenting Plan Template (it is an interactive PDF - so you will need Adobe Acrobat viewer)  It starts you thinking about some of the issues a Court or Lawyer will want to know - so it is a good idea to think about these issues and jot down some ideas BEFORE you get together with your Lawyer or in front of a Judge.
  2. - another useful calculation to make.  You just enter your financial details and well as your ex-spouse and Province and other items and it will tell you what Child and Spousal Support amounts you are looking at according to the Federal/Provincial Guidelines.  Again this is always something that you should have a copy of when discussing your case.  So take 15 mins to do this, print off a copy and keep it just in case someone asks. Court orders will not be granted until these figures are reviewed - and sometime its will save you or your ex's lawyer the time to do it.  Always a good thing!