Family law information center Edmonton

An invaluable resource for thoese thinking of representing themselves. They can provide the documents, information and some advice on having orders changed. As of November 01, 2010, most forms for varyances have been changed, so you may want to look into the new ones.
Family Law

Parenting After Separation

These courses are needed to be able to file documents and are required by law for any proceedings to go ahead. They also offer a lot of good advice. The course booklet has the outline for a parenting plan, which is essential in trying to get custody.
Parenting after separation

Parental alienation awareness

There are a few groups that deal with this issue, including PAAN Alberta (Parental Alienation Awareness Network of Alberta).
Their blog contains some very informative articles and the group also hosts various events and webinars.
PAAN Alberta

Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP)

The Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) acts as an intermediary, or go-between, for clients who have child or spousal support owed to them.