Equitable Child Maintenance & Access Society


We believe that every child, whether in an intact family or a divided one, has a right to the love, parenting and the nurturing of both parents and extended families.

a male perspective on family law

History of ECMAS

The Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society (ECMAS) began in Edmonton, Alberta early in 1992. In April of 1994, ECMAS was registered in Alberta as a non-profit Society.

Since that time there have been three other chapters formed in Alberta in the communities of Fort McMurray, Calgary and Lethbridge.

Mission Statement

The Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society is a non-profit organization focused on the healthy development and well being of children of separated and divorced families. We are actively pursuing a new family law system based on the principles and challenges of today's society and the fundamentals of fairness and equality.

ECMAS Supports ...

  • Equal and equitable access to children.
  • Non-violence in family disputes.
  • Fair treatment for all parties in maintenance & financial resolutions.
  • All parties deserve adequate legal representation and fair mediation.

ECMAS Believes ...

  • In gender neutrality
  • Children should come first in all access disputes
  • Financial considerations should be fair for all children (including 2nd family dependents).
  • In fair treatment of debtors in maintenance & financial disputes.
  • Legal representation should not be dependent on financial support
    (by government programs or personal financial stability)